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Raihan Herbal Medicine

Raihan Herbal Medicine
Raihan Herbal Medicine
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Arabic Name: - Raihan (Tradition)

In Flora Arabica and other scientific literature in Arabic, Raihan has been identified as Ocimum basilicum, a plant highly fragrant. Medicinally, sweet Basil (O. basilicum) is stimulant, styptic, demulcent and carminative. The juice of the leaves when snuffed causes sneezing and clears the brain. It is a remedy for mild nervous or hysterical disorders. Also, helps in stomach ache and skin diseases. The mucilaginous Basil seeds are highly astringent and prescribed in fluxes from the bowel. Also, given in urinary disorders such as gonorrhoea, scanty and scalting urine etc. Raihan roots are the ingredients of balms.

In Arabic Literature, Raihan generally refers to sweet basil. However, it also, means highly odorous perfume of any kind. It also find mention in Sura Raihan of Quran (verse 12) as well as Sura Waqia, verse 89. Detailed account has been given in 'Plants of the Quran'.

The Prophet (swallallaho alaihi wasallam) said, "Whoever is offered sweet basil (Tradition - Raihan) should not refuse it, for it is easy to take and has a pleasant scent. (Narrated Abi Usman; Tirmidhi, Bukhari).

Apostle(swallallaho alaihi wasallam) of Allah said, They (Husain and Hasan) are like sweet basil (Tradition, Raihan) for me in this world". (Narrated Ibn Abi N'am; Bukhari).


  •       BLACK CUMIN


Arabic Name: Habb al-Sauda


Other Name: Kalaunji




1. The Prophet said, ‘Black Cumin is the cure for all the diseases except Saam & ‘Saam is death’. (Narrated Abu Huraira; Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn maja, masnad ).


2. The Messenger of Allah said, ‘Black cumin is the cure for all ailments except death’(Tradition; Sam).( Narrated Burka; Masnad Ahmed)


3. Apostle of Allah said, ’Make Black cumin obligatory for yourself as it is a cure for every disease except death. ( Narrated ‘Ayesha; Masnad Ahmed; Abdullah bun ‘Umer; Ibn Maja; Abu Huraira; Tirmidhi).




·         COSTUS


Arabic Name: Kust


Other Name: Kut, Kushta pachuk




1. The Prophet  said ,’ Be afraid of Allah !why do you pain your children by having their tonsils pressed like that .Use ‘Ud Al-Hindi’ for its cures seven (several) diseases , one of  which is pleurisy’.(Narrated Um Qais when she took her son to the Prophet .He had throat trouble & his palate & tonsils had been pressed . – Bukhari)


2. The Prophet said, ’The best medicine you may treat yourselves with are cupping & costus.’(Tradition, Qust Al-Baheri )(Narrated Anas Bin Malik; Bukhari’ Tirmidhi, mawatta Imam Malik)


3. The Prophet said, ’You should not torture your children suffering tonsilitis by pressing the tonsils or the palate with finger, but use Qust ‘.(Narrated Anas bin Malik; Bukhari,Muslim)






Arabic Name: Miswak


Other Name: Arak




1. The Prophet said, ‘Using a tooth-stick has 10 benefits’.(Narrated Ibn Abbas; Abu Nuaim)


2. When the Prophet got up in the morning, he used to clean his mouth with a twig of Mustard tree.(Tradition-Arak). (Narrated’Ayesha; Bukhari, Muslim).


3. The Prophet said, ‘Prayer with miswak is seventy times better than the prayer without it.(Masnad Ahmed)




·         SENNA


Arabic Name: Sanna


Other Name: Sana




1. The Prophet said,’ Senna & Sanut are for you as there is a cure in these two for every disease except Death. (Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Um-Huzam; Ibn Maja, Ibn ‘Asakir).


2. About Shibrum Prophet told Asma , ’It is hot ,you have Senna & Sanut . It is medicine for all ailments except death.’(Narated Asma Bint ‘Amees; Tirmidhi, Ibn Maja).


3. Apostle of Allah said, ‘If there is any remedy against death, then it is Senna, the gladdening one, the gentle one.(As-Suyuti).






·         CHICORY


Arabic Name: Hindiba (Tradition)Shikoria


Other Name: Kasni




1. The Prophet said, ‘Take Hindabah but do not wash it.’(Abu Nu’aim, Dhahbi).




·         CRESS SEEDS


Arabic Name: Thafa, Hurf, Habb ar-Rishad


Other Name: Halim




1. The Prophet said, ‘Two basic cures (good remedies) Aloe (Tradition-sabir) & Cress (Tradition-Thafa).(Nattated Ibn Abbas, Abu Dawd).


2. The Prophet said, ‘You have cress seed. Allah made it a cure for every ailment.(Narrated Abu Huraira; Abu Dawud).




·         ALOES


Arabic Name: Allava


Other Name: Aloe




1 .The Prophet asked Umm Salama, ‘Do you know, what it is?’ Umm Salama said, ‘Yes, it is aloes. The Prophet said, ‘It brightens the face. Do not apply it during the day Do not use it except during the night.’(Narrated Umm Salama; Abu Dawud).


2. The Prophet said, ‘These two bitter medicines are so good, Aloes & Cress.’(Tradition-Sabir ) and cress Tradition-Thafa).’ (Narrated Ibn Abbas; Abu Dawud).


3. Apostle of Allah said, ‘In their heaters, Aloes would be burning, thereby providing good aroma.(Narrated Abu Huraira; Bukhari).




·         FENUGREEK


Arabic Name: Hulba, Shimlet


Other Name: Methi




1. The Prophet said, ‘Use Fenugreek as a remedy.(Narrated Qasim bin Abd al-Rahman; Al-Jauzi).


2. The Prophet said, ‘If my community had known that there is in fenugreek, they would have bought it & paid its weight in gold’.(Abu Dhabi).




·         TEREBINTH


Arabic Name: Butum


Other Name: Mustagi Kabuli




1. The Prophet said, ‘If you do not have the tooth-brush Tree (Twig), use Anam, or Batm’.(Narated Abi Zaid-Abu Nuaim).


·         MARJORAM


Arabic Name: Marzanjosh


Other Name: Murwa




1.        Apostle of Allah said, ‘You have Marjoram with you. It is very effective medicine for cold.(Narrated Anas bin Malik; Dhahbi, Aljozi, Ibn-al-Sani).






Arabic Name: Waras


Other Name: Warus




1. Apostle of Allah advised the use of Olive oil & Pseudo-Saffron for pleurisy.(Narrated Zaid bin Arqam; Tirmidhi; Ibn maja; masnad Ahmad)


2. Messenger of Allah said, “He should not wear a shirt, a turban, trousers, a headcloak or a garment scented with Saffron.(Hadith; Warus).


3. Ladies, after child birth, used to sit in Pseudo- Saffron water for forty days & used to wash their faces with it to remove spots on their faces. (Narrated Umm Salma; Tirmidhi, Baihaqi, Masnad Ahmed).




·         WATER-CRESS


Arabic Name: Jarjir


Other Name: Taramira




1. Messenger of Allah said, ‘ Water-Cress is a painful plant. It seems to have been created fire.(Dhahbi)


2. Prophet of Allah said, ‘Water-Cress is from Habsh. (Presently Ethiopia). (Suyuti).




·         CELERY


Arabic Name: Karafs


Other Name: Shalari




1. Apostle of Allah said, ‘Celery is useful in toothache’.(Aljozi).




·         PURSLANE


Arabic Name: Humqa


Other Name: Kulfa




1.        Apostle of Allah said, ‘Praise Allah who has created purslane.(Hadith; Baqlat al-Hum qa )As-Suyuti).




·         COLOCYNTH


Arabic Name: Hanzal


Other Name: Indrayan




1.        The Prophet said, ‘It resembles the hypocrite. It has no smell, & tastes bitter.(Muslim,Bukhari).






·         CAPER


Arabic Name: Kabur


Other Name: Kabra




1.        The Prophet said, ‘When Paradise smiled, there came Truffles on earth, & when earth smiled, there came capar.(Narrated’Abdullah bin ‘Abbas; Al-Jauzi).






·         CEDAR


Arabic Name: Arz


Other Name: Lebnani Deodar




1. The Prophet said, ‘Example of a believer is that of crop which bends under the pressure of winds & afterward straightens, whereas the example of a hypocrite is like cedar, which stands straight till it is uprooted by the winds.’(Narrated Ka’ab bin Malik; Bukhari, Muslim).




·         TAMARISK


Arabic Name: Tarfa


Other Name: Jhau




1. We were with the Prophet during Jihad & we had nothing to eat except the leaves of Tamarisk & Acacia.(Narrated Sa’d bin Waqqas; Muslim)


2. We were with the Prophet. With the exception of Tamarisk leaves we had nothing to eat.(Narrated Khalid bin Umer Adwi; Muslim)




·         MUSTARD


Arabic Name: Khardal


Other Name: Rai




1. The Prophet said, ‘Anybody having faith as little as Mustard will not go to Hell, & anyone having pride as much as Mustard will not be allowed to enter Paradise.(Narrated Ibn Masud; Muslim)


2. Prophet of Allah said, ‘God would ask to go & bring out from Hell any person having as little faith as Mustard.(Narrated Anas Bin Malik; Muslim).




·         DILL


Arabic Name: Sanut


Other Name: Dill




1. The Prophet said, ‘Senna & Dill r the medicine for u, for there is a cure in these 2 for every disease except death.’(Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Juzm; Ibn Majah)


2. The prophet said, ‘Senna & Dill r d medicine for all diseases.’(Narrated Abu Ayyub Ansari; Ibn ‘Asakar).










·         SUMAC


Arabic Name: Tamtim


Other Name: Tarateraka




1. The Prophet said, “Pomegranate & Sumac r efficacious in cases of bilious diseases.(Narrated ‘Ayesha; Aljouzi).




·         RUSH


Arabic Name: Samrah


Other Name: Rush




1. Once we had nothing to eat except the leaves of Hublah & Samrah.(Narrated Saad bin Waqqas; Bukhari, Muslim).




·         NARCISSUS


Arabic Name: Narjis


Other Name: Nargis




1. The Prophet said, ‘U should take Narcissus bulbs for madnes, leprosy & vitiligo.’(Suyuti).




·         IZFAR


Arabic name: Izfar




1. Prophet of Allah advised widows not to use perfume during mourning, but allowed to use Costus or Izfar after menses.(Narrated by Umm ‘Atiya; Bukhari).




·         HAWTHORN


Arabic Name: Urfut


Other Name: Hawthorn




1. I (Saudah) said (to the Prophet), “Have u eaten Mughafir. “No. I have taken honey provided by Hafsa”, said the Prophet. I (Saudah) said, “May b that the Honey bees were fed on Urfut”.(Narrated ‘Ayesha; Bukhari; Muslim).






·         SADAN


Arabic Name: Sa’dan




1. Messenger of Allah said, “There would b several thorns in Hell just like the thorn of Najd, called sadan. (Narrated Abu Huraira, Muslim, Bukhari)


2. Apostle of Allah said, “There would b sadan like thorns in hell”. He then asked his companions, “Have u seen sadan”. They said, “Yes”.(Narrated Abu Huraira, Muslim, Bukhari)






Arabic Name: Zaqqum




1. Prophet Mohammad said, “Cursed Tree mentioned in Quran is actually the Zaqqum”. (Narrated ‘Abdulla bin ‘Abbas; Bukhari)





1. Allah’s Apostle said, “It is hot. You have Senna & Sanut which r mild & cure every disease except death.(Narrated Umm Salma;




2. Prophet asked me about the laxative I used to take. I told him, “Shibram”. He told me that it is hot. Since then I started using Senna.(Narrated Asma bint ‘Umees; Ibn Maja)




·         DATES


Arabic Name: Tamar


Other Name: Khajur




1. The Prophet said, “Your women folk should eat dates, for whoever makes dates their food, will produce children with ease”. (As-Suyuti)


2. The Prophet said, “The best dates are that of al-Burniy which drives out diseases.” (As-Suyuti)


3. The Prophet said, “Take dates early in the morning. It kills worms.” (Narrated ‘Abdulla bin ‘Abbas; Masnad Firdous).




·         OLIVE


Arabic Name: Zaytun


Other Name: Zaitun




1. The Prophet said, “Use Olive oil & anoint with it, b’coz it is from a ‘blessed tree’. (Narrated by Ibn ‘Umer; Al-Bayhaqi).


2. Prophet Mohammad used to praise the cure of Pleurisy through pseudo-saffron & Olive oil.(Narrated Zaid bin Arqam; Tirmidhi).


3. Apostle of Allah said, “Take Olive oil &anoint. It is sacred & blessed. (Narrated Abu Huraira; ibn Maja, Trimidhi)




·         GRAPE


Arabic Name: Inab


Other Name: Angur




1. The Prophet said, “Eat currants but spit out the stones – for the stones there is illness, but in the flesh there is healing.”(Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas; Suyuti).


2. Prophet used to have currants soaked in water for him & that he used to drink it either on that day or the next or sometime the day after. (Narrated ‘Abdulla bin ‘Abbas; Abu Dawud).






Arabic Name: Rumman


Other Name: Anar




1. The Prophet said, “There is not a pomegranate which does not have a pip from 1 of d pomegranate of d garden in it.”(Narrated Anas bin Malik; Abu Naim).


2. The Prophet said, “Pomegranate & its rind strengthen digestion. (Narrated Ali; Abu nuaim, Aljozi).




·         FIG


Arabic Name: Tin


Other Name: Anjir




1. The Prophet said, “If u r going to say that any fruit has come from the garden, then truly u should mention fig(tradition-Teen), for it is indeed the fruit of Garden.  (Narrated Abu Darda; Suyuti).


2. Apostle of Allah said, “Eat fig. It helps in piles & also useful in gout.” (Narrated Abu Dhar Ghaffari; Abu Nuaim).




·         QUINCE


Arabic Name: Safarjal


Other Name: Bihi




1. The Prophet said, “Eat quince in an empty stomach.” (Narrated Anas bin malik; As-Suyuti).


2. The Prophet said, “Eat this for truly it softens d heart.” (Narrated Talha bin ‘Obaidullah; Ibn Majah).


3. The Prophet said, “Feed quince to your womenfolk when they r pregnant, for it makes the heart tender & it makes the heart better.” (As-Suyuti; Ibn Majah; Dhabhi).




·         CITRUS


Arabic Name: Limun





1. The Prophet said, “A true believer reading Quran is like citrus fruit which has both good taste & good aroma.” (Narrated Abu Musa ‘


Ashari; Bukhari; Muslim).


2. The Prophet said, “Citrus fruit is very useful. It is a stimulant & useful 4 d heart.” (Al-Dilmi).




·         JUJUBE


Arabic Name: Nabaq


Other Name: Ber




1. The Prophet said, “When Adam was sent down to earth, the 1st fruit that he ate was a Jujube.”(Abu Nuaim).




·         WATER-MELON


Arabic Name: Batikh


Other Name: Tarbuz




1. Among the fruits that Prophet liked were grapes & water-melons.  (Abu Dawud).


2. I saw apostle of Allah eating water-melon with Dates. (Narrated Anas bin Malik; Tirmidhi).




·         CUCUMBER


Arabic Name: Khiyar


Other Name: Kaakdi




1. My mother treated me with all kinds of things & yet I did not pit on any weight so I was given cucumber & unripe dates & I became as plum as was good for me. (Narrated Ayesha; Bukhari, Muslim; Ibn Maja; Nisai).


2. Prophet always liked cucumber.




·         GOURD


Arabic Name: Yaqtin


Other Name: Lauki




1. The Prophet said, “Let them Pumpkins, for they stimulate the intellect & the brain.” (Muslim; Suyuti).


2. The Prophet said, “Add more gourd to the curry. It strengthens the depressed heart.” (Al-Jauzi).




·         BRINJAL


Arabic Name: Badhinjan


Other Name: Baingan




1. Messenger of Allah said, “Brinjal is useful, taken for whatever purpose. (Al-Jauzi).




·         BEETROOT


Arabic Name: Silq


Other Name: Chuqandar




1. Prophet advised Ali not to eat Dates as he was convalescing. He advised him by saying, “Eat it b’coz it would be good for you.” (Narrated Umm Mandhir; Tirmidhi; Abu Dawud).




·         GINGER


Arabic Name: Zanjabil


Other Name: Adrak




1. A Byzantine emperor once sent a jar of ginger to the Prophet who made all of his companions eat a piece of it. (Narrated Abu Sa’id Khudri; Abu Nuim, Suuti).




·         ONON & GARLIC


Arabic Name: Basal (Onion), Thom (Garlic)


Other Name: Piyaz (Onion), Lasun (Garlic)




1.        The Prophet said, “Whoever eats this (at the time of prayer) should not come in the mosques.”


2.        The Prophet said, “Treat yourself with garlic as it cures seventy (several) diseases.” (Narrated Ali; Al Dilmi).




·         WHEAT


Arabic Name: Hintah


Other Name: Gehun




1. After reaching Madina, Prophet Mohammed never ate full meal of wheat bread for 3 consecutive days. (Narrated ‘ Ayesha; Bukhari)



Arabic Name: Uruz


Other Name: Chaval




1. The Prophet said, “Rice has healing powers.” (Narrated ‘ Ayesha; As-Suyuti).




·         LENTIL


Arabic Name: Adas


Other Name: Masur




1. The Prophet said, “eating lentils fill the heart with sympathy & wash eyes with tears & takes away pride. (Bayahaqi).


2. The Prophet said, “Lentil softens the heart.” (Al-Jouzi).




·         HONEY


Arabic Name: Asal


Other Name: Shahad




1. The Prophet said, “You have two medicines: Honey & Quran. (Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Masud; Ibn Maja, Mustadrak Hakim).


2. The Prophet said, “There are three remedies- use of honey, scarification & cauterization. I advised my followers against cautery.” (Narrated Ibn ‘ Abbas; Bukhari, Muslim).


3. The Prophet used to drink honey with water daily in the morning. (Dhahbi)




·         VINEGAR


Arabic Name: Khall


Other Name: Sirkah




1. The Prophet said, “A household which has vinegar will never suffer from poverty.” (Narrated Umm Hani; Tirmidhi, Baihaqi)


2. The Prophet said, “Vinegar is a comfort for man.” (Muslim).


3. The Prophet said, “Vinegar is a good curry.”(Narrated Jubir bin ‘Abdullah; Muslim, Ibn Maja. Narrated ‘Ayesha; Ibn Maja).





Arabic Name: Sharab


Other Name: Sharab




1. The Prophet said, “Every drink which cause intoxication, is forbidden.” (Narrated ‘Ayesha; Bukhari).





·         MYRRH


Arabic Name: Murr


Other Name: Murr Makki




1. The Prophet said, “Fumigate your homes with shih, Murr & Sa’atar.” (Narrated Abdullah bin Jafar; Baihaqi).






Arabic Name: Liban


Other Name: Kundur




1. “Fumigate your homes with Olibanum & Shih.” (Narrated Abdullah bin Jafar; Baihaqi).


2. The Prophet said, “Fill your homes with smokes of frankincense & Thyme.”(Narrated Anas bin Malik; As-Suyuti).


3. The Prophet said, “Use frankincense for it truly fortifies the heart & drives out forgetfulness.” (Narrated Ali; Suyuti).




·         SAFFRON


Arabic Name: Zafran


Other Name: Kesar




1. A person asked Prophet Mohammed about the proper dress during Haj. He said, “A dress not dyed with Saffron & Pseudo-Saffron. (Narrated ibn Umar; Bukhri).


2. Abdullah bin Umar used to dye his clothes with saffron. When people asked about it, he said that the prophet used to dye with it.  (Nasai).


3. The Prophet asked men not to apply saffron. (Narrated Anas bin Malik; Nasai).




·         CAMEL GRASS


Arabic Name: Idhkhir


Other Name: Rousaghas




1. Apostle of Allah said, “Do not cut any tree or even a thorn.” Somebody from Quraish said, “Please permit us to cut Camel grass as we use it for our homes & also in graves.” The Prophet said, “Yes, yes, except Idkhir. (Narrated Abu Huraira; Bukhari , Muslim).


2. Apostle of Allah asked to cover the dead body of martyr Mus’ab bin Umair with cloth & with Idhkhir. (Narrated Khubab; Bukhari).




·         SWEET FLAG


Arabic Name: Dharira


Other Name: Bach




1. At the time of Haj, I applied dharira on the dress & beard of the Prophet. (Narrated Ayesha; Bukhari; Muslim).


2. Prophet came to me. I had developed a boil in my finger. He asked me “Do you have dharira? I said, “Yes”. He told me “Apply dharira on the boil & pray to God.”(Narrated one of Prophet’s wives; Ibn al-sani, Mustadrak al-Hakim).




·         CAMPHOR


Arabic Name: Kafur


Other Name: Kaapur




1. After the death of her daughter, Prophet came & advised us to give bath to her thrice or five times, mix cedar leaves if we wish & then sprinkle camphor. (Narrated Atiya;; Bukhari; Muslim).




·         HENNA


Arabic Name: Hinna


Other Name: Hina




1. The Prophet said, “Dye them (legs) with Henna.”(Abu Dawud).


2. Truly the Prophet never suffered from a cut or a thorn in his skin without putting henna on it. (Narrated Umm Salma; Bukhari).




·         HANUT


Arabic Name: Hanut




1. There are five traditions on Hanut in Bukhari. All these relate to the application of Hanut on dead bodies after bathing.




·         MUSK


Arabic Name: Al-misk


Other Name: Mushk




1. The Prophet said, “Musk is the best perfume”. (Narrated Abu Sa’id Khudri Muslim; Masnad Ahmad ).


2. I used to apply musk based perfume on the dress material of the Prophet. (Narrated Ayesha; Bukhari, Narrated Abu Sa’id; Nisai, Muslim).


3. The Prophet said, “I saw garlands of stones & the Musk like soil.” (Narrated Anas bin Malik; Bukhari).




·         AMBER


Arabic Name: Anbar


Other Name: Amber




1. The sea washed up a huge fish known as Amber & we fed off it for a fortnight. (Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah; Bukhari; Muslim).


2. The Prophet said, “The Perfume for the men is the one which has smell but no colour.” (Narrated Abu Huraira; Nasai).




·         WORMWOOD


Arabic Name: Shih


Other Name: Kirmala




1. The Prophet said, “Fumigate your homes with Olibanum & wormwood. (Narrated Abdullah bin Jafar, Baihaqi).




·         THYME


Arabic Name: Sa’tar


Other Name: Ipar




1. The Prophet said, “Fumigate your homes with thymes & Olibanum.” (Dhahbi, Aljozi).




·         BASIL


Arabic Name: Raihan


Other Name: Ban Tulsi




1. The Prophet said, “Whoever is offered sweet basil should not refuse it, for it is easy to take & has a pleasant scent. (Narrated Abi Usman; Tirmidhi, Bukhari).


2. Apostle of Allah said, “Husain & Hasan are like sweet basil for me in this world. (Narrated Ibn Abi N’am; Bukhari).

















































































































































































































































































































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